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A Sensible Pricing Policy

The Dentsys Sensible Pricing Policy, essential for dental software.


Selecting a dental practice management system can be an expensive and risky business, so why not reduce the cost and risk.


Dentsys understands the modern market, therefore we don’t make a purchase or other initial charge for our software, nor have we increased the monthly cost for licence and support to compensate.  We have simply abolished the upfront cost.  We believe potential customers will feel more comfortable moving to a supplier that needs to provide superb products and service in order to develop a long term relationship.


Usually when buying a dental practice management system you would incur a substantial initial software purchase cost and then a monthly ongoing usage cost to cover support and user licence.



In short we have  abolished all upfront charges for all of our own software products for both new and existing customers.  We have not added any form of alternative or stealth charge to replace this charge.


Making our systems a low cost, low risk choice.


So what do you pay for?


• A monthly charge for the software licence, this includes full technical support and software updates, this charge is based on the number of workstations.  This monthly charge has not been increased to recoup the lost income resulting from no initial charge.

• Our time, we charge our time out at sensible rates.

• Materials, although of course you are free to supply your own equipment.


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