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Practice Pathways

at the heart of our systems


Our dental 'Practice Pathways' are a simple yet elegant method of recording, collating and presenting patient information.  So simple we wonder why we never thought of it sooner.


The basic principal behind Practice Pathways is a comprehensive assessment and treatment facility that goes beyond mere data recording. It can be configured to produce patient care plans, as well as offering suggestions and advice to both the clinician and the patient.  It provides easy recording and subsequent access to a comprehensive range of assessment tools including:


• Hard Tissue Charting

• Periodontal Charting

• Head and Neck Charting

• Soft Tissue Charting

• Articulation Recording

• Recording of Patient Medical and Social History Information.


Practice Pathways use the information you have recorded to produce a RAG score (Red/Amber/Green) that can be used as an easy method of tracking a patient’s oral health over a period of time.  What is more, it is a concept that patients can readily understand and offers them an easily grasped personal target for improved oral health.  Patient advice and education to aid prevention rather than cure, is at the forefront of the design.


Practice Pathways were conceived in the design phase of EDGE, our latest Dental Practice Management System (DPMS) and then further refined during our involvement in the NHS Dental Pilot programme.  Practice pathways are at the very heart of EDGE.  However, we felt it only appropriate to integrate the concept into Paragon and offer all our existing customers the benefits of our latest developments and of course enable a pain free transfer to EDGE if and when it suits each practice in the future.


Whether you operate a private or NHS practice and simply want to improve efficiency or you operate an NHS practice and want to get ready for the reformed contracts that are currently being piloted, you really ought to move to Practice Pathways.


For our existing customers this is a low cost upgrade, no software cost, we will only charge for our time.  Practice Pathways comprehensively streamline the in-practice process, you will wonder how you ever coped without it.


For new customers it is a standard feature for new installations of our Dental Practice Managements Systems.


If you would like to take the step up to Practice Pathways or you would like more information, please contact us 0115 9781900.


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