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Paragon is a modern dental practice management solution, developed by a software company with a long pedigree.



Paragon has been specificParagon Practice Mangement System, Dental Software That's Better by Designally developed for general and orthodontic dental practices in the United Kingdom and was designed, developed and tested under the guidance and advice of practising UK dentists. Because no two practices are identical Paragon can be tailored to suit your requirements, whether your practice is purely private, NHS or a combination of care schemes.


A tremendous amount of research and development has been carried out not only to ensure all the features expected are included, but more importantly that they are totally intuitive in use. Usability is our area of excellence, we feel there is little point in providing a myriad of features if users never find them or can’t use them.


In addition to the expected product features detailed in the sections below, low cost broadband has allowed us to add interactive features directly into Paragon. With these a practice can automatically receive product updates, receive information from support, purchase SMS credits and receive support via some of the best support tools on the market.


Alternatively for a system that breaks the mould and embraces modern software concepts to deliver a highly efficient 'structured workspace' that is quite unlike other system designs, take a look at EDGE to appreciate the future of practice management solutions.

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