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How much is the data on your computer worth?


Secure offssite dental data backup, essential for dental software.

Well if you haven’t thought about this before, now is the time to give it serious consideration.  If by some dreadful twist of fate you lost your computer data either due to a technical fault, theft or fire, do you have procedures in place to ensure you can recover your data quickly and cheaply?


We all know computer equipment is relatively cheap these days, however your data could be priceless.  Have you really considered the prospect of finding yourself without any of your data?  The thought is horrifying.



So what is the solution?


The answer is a backup policy that has redundancy built in.  That means not just one backup device (it too could fail) or for that matter not just one method.  You should already be making daily backups to a series of devices such as memory sticks, these should be taken off site for obvious reasons (you don’t want your backups vanishing along with your computers).  However, your business also deserves a further fail safe and that is an automated off site backup system.


We offer a safe and secure off site backup package that is low cost, quick and easy to use, featuring:


• Automatic Backup - No need to wait around, the backup will start automatically at a time of your choosing.

• Secure - Your data is fully encrypted before leaving your computer and is securely transferred to a safe location that meets CQC guidelines.

• Monitored - Giving you peace of mind.

• Easy, Fast Retrieval - If you need your data we can start sending it to you immediately.

• Cost Effective – The whole service typically costs £40 per month for 20GB of data storage, which is sufficient for most EDGE and Paragon users.


While there always seems to be another cost being added to your business overheads, please take a moment to ask yourself if you can actually afford to be without this one.  Take the time to consider your backup policy.  Most modern businesses rely on masses of data just to function, a modern dental practice is no different.


There are no setup fees or minimum contract period, call 0115 9781900 to request a set up pack.

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