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Mobile Reminders patient appointment texting, essential for dental software.


Why send text reminders?



Why do so many organisations large and small, now text your mobile phone with not only appointment reminders, but a whole array of other time dependant information, for example parcel deliveries, car service due, etc.



Well the reason they do this isn’t just the huge financial saving over postage, equally important is the direct and prompt delivery of the information, there are few people these days that don’t carry a mobile phone at all times.  These companies have switched to mobile texting not to look cool, but to reduce missed appointments, failed deliveries or lost custom and let’s be honest that is where the real saving is to be made.


We have been offering a solution for our practice management software users for several years now and a large proportion of our customers have taken advantage of this.  However some practices have not moved to text reminders and we don’t understand this, so we thought we would try to explain what they are missing out on.


Choose to go with SMS texting and you are choosing to reduce your FTA’s and save money.


The solution is Mobile Reminders – Paragon’s very own SMS text messaging facility.


Text messages are available to all of our existing customers and prices are 9.9p per message for the monthly contract option or 11.9p per message for the pay as you go option. This is a huge saving compared to the price of even a 2nd class stamp, not to mention the added cost of the paper, envelope and perhaps most importantly your time.



• Reduce FTA's and Cancellations - Text Patients to remind them of any appointments they have booked and minimise the risks of a no show.

• Automatic Reminders - No need to input date ranges or run different time periods separately as Paragon will generate and distribute the SMS reminder texts without operator input.

• Targeted - You can determine when and how the messages leave your practice and arrive with your patients. This means greater productivity in recalling.

• Complete Logging - All messages sent will be saved against the individual patient's record.

• Tracking - All messages are tracked with any invalid numbers or delivery failures will be reported.

• Online Credit Purchasing - Top up and manage your credit online. Low credit warnings are also optional in our dental practice management systems.



There are no minimum contract terms for this service and there are no set up costs to start using the text messaging facility, we do it all for you, call us on 0115 9781900, we look forward to hearing from you.


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