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It's Time To Break Free


EDGE Freedom by Dentsys



At Dentsys we are taking a new and liberating approach with our software, in particular the way we promote and provide it. We've taken the very exciting step of making our software accessible to everyone. Given that EDGE does everything you’d expect of a Dental Practice Management System, we thought it better detail why we are different.



The name ‘EDGE Freedom’ says it all, welcome to the future of dental software!


  • No purchase fee
  • No installation fee
  • No setup fee
  • No training fee
  • No long contracts
  • No fee for additional modules such as self check-in, digital signatures, etc.



Given that most practices cite cost as the main reason for not replacing or installing new software, we think you’ll agree that we’ve completely removed that obstacle.


A lot of practices are taken aback by our new approach, please rest assured that this is not a gimmick and there are no hidden costs. We recognise that people’s expectations have changed when it comes to choosing software, so we’ve decided it’s time to embrace a more modern approach when supplying our systems.





Give us a call on 0115 9781900 for a relaxed discussion of your requirements and how we can help, for the reasons given above we can guarantee there will be no sales pressure. We offer free demonstrations and webinars to give you a chance to see for yourself why we think EDGE Freedom will benefit you. When you’re ready, we can set up a 15 minute to 1 hour slot for you and your staff at a time convenient for you.




Frequently Asked Questions



Your system must be very limited in its facilities?

No, it’s a complete practice management system, with everything you would expect from a modern practice management system. There are no half measures, it goes from basic admin, through to full clinical facilities, in fact right up to a fully paperless system. We don’t think we’ve missed anything you’ll need.


You mustn’t be a very big company?

No we aren’t, but rest assured we’re more than big enough to cope, after all we have been for over 25 years. However, you are correct we aren’t a large company, so we won’t be requiring you to pay for our large premises, our imaginative advertising campaigns, our expensive sales team (we don’t have one, we aren’t selling our systems), etc.


Your monthly costs must be sky high?

No not at all, we’re certain you’ll find our monthly charges are excellent value. Plus we won’t charge you for software updates, plus you will be kept up to date with our latest complete package. The monthly payment varies depending on the number of workstations.


There must be a long contract?

No, the contract is a rolling 6 month contract, nothing else, it’s that simple. We’ve been told that some suppliers are asking practices to sign contracts of up to 3 years, ask yourself why? It’s certainly not for your benefit.


Why do you charge the 6 months licence fee up front?

Because we are investing a great deal of time and money into the installation and training, we feel 6 months up front represents a genuine intent on the part of a practice to use our system. It would be very easy for our time to be consumed by people requesting installations without any intention of actually using the system. You should note that the 6 month payment is never lost, your system will work for the 6 month notice period should you ever you stop paying the monthly licence fee.


I bet it’s all high pressure once we let you through the door?

Categorically not, we don’t employ sales staff or anyone in that role thinly disguised by a different job title. We’ll simply show you the product, answer your questions and of course we’d like you to become a customer. However, no one you encounter from Dentsys has a sales target or anything remotely resembling one. You won’t get any waffle, overblown claims and certainly no silly 'special price just for you' nonsense (yes people still try this old chestnut). We will keep ourselves to discussing our own products, we won’t be disparaging about other products or companies, we're far more professional than that.


Isn’t this just a sales pitch and I’ll find out the real deal when I get the invoice?

Absolutely not, we aren’t selling it, we will install it and train you on site free of charge, you just pay a modest monthly fee to use the software. Of course we would normally use your existing equipment, alternatively you can supply new equipment or even ask us for a quote to supply it, we don't mind which route you decide to take.


Why do you charge for data imports?

Because a data import requires a considerable amount of time and is not actually required to install our product.


There must be a catch?

No, absolutely no catches.


So why do you do it?

We believe that people have different expectations from products these days, they see no reason to pay to install a revenue stream for the supplier, regardless of how useful or desirable it may be. Just think about it, would you really pay a music streaming service good money to install their music app on your phone, of course you wouldn’t nor do they ask you to. So why do they do that, quite simple really, they wish to obtain and retain your custom. These companies work hard to retain your custom because subscriptions are their lifeblood, we too will work hard to retain your custom.

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