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Occasionally a product comes along that is so simple to use, yet so incredibly powerful, you’re left dumbfounded.  Well that apparent simplicity is an incredibly difficult trick to pull off, but we’ve done it with EDGE.


EDGE breaks the mould and embraces modern software concepts to deliver a highly efficient 'Structured Workspace' that is quite unlike other system designs, a paradigm shift that brings many benefits.


EDGE is our latest Dental Practice Management System, it is designed to work anywhere from a single surgery practice through to the largest corporate organisation. It brings full business management to our customers and goes beyond a typical dental patient management system.


When designing EDGE we didn’t just take what we had and freshen its appearance.  We took out a clean sheet of paper and started again.  The reason for a clean start was to allow us to build a product with a much wider scope and bring many of the latest software innovations to our customers.


We have always built our systems from a user perspective, deliberately avoiding designs better suited to computer technicians or those solely intended to do well in a demonstration.  Our software is designed to be very effective, quick and simple to use, something that works so well you will take it for granted.


Of course you have heard similar claims before, therefore by far the best course of action is to take a look at EDGE and judge for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.





 Elegant DesignCentre ConceptPractice PathwaysTreatment PlansAppointmentsCorrespondenceOtherSimple Clean Design    EDGE Navigator BarUnlike other systems we have done away with the menu across the top and provided a far more modern navigation bar with which to access the various Centres; clean, tidy and easily understood. EDGE, in-line with  modern software design concepts is functionally rich without appearing to be so, the key is not presenting the user with a myriad of bewildering options.  With careful design everything a user requires will be easily available when needed and not cluttering up the screen when not required.  Think about it, modern mobile phones and tablets are popular because they are very easy to use and yet they provide a staggering range of facilities.  There is absolutely no reason why the same techniques can’t be applied to dental software, its simply up until the release of EDGE, they haven’t been.  Simple Visual Indicators Humans are very good at processing visual indicators. Take for example, traffic lights, we process this three colour control with ease, it just happens. What is more when  you consider the number of sets of traffic lights and how few truly accidental breaches of the rules there are, we do it remarkably accurately. RAG scoring (Red/Amber/Green) is becoming something of a standard in terms of status indication.  You will encounter it in a wide variety of disciplines, not just healthcare.  Of course it takes it’s cue from traffic lights and exploits our everyday understanding of this three colour control.   EDGE Patient RAG SCoreSee at a glance the overall oral health of a patient, plus the status in four categories. Sublime in it’s simplicity.  The Centre Concept Explained Centres are much more than a gimmicky marketing idea, they provide the user with a superb method of organising their workspace, keeping a focused work pattern, with a user specific layout and no unnecessary clutter. EDGE has a number of Centres: Patient CentreAppointment CentreTreatment CentreCorrespondence CentreReporting CentreCommunications CentreAccounts Centre Each is designed to provide access to key functions but operating from different perspectives, to suit different roles within a practice.  That said users can use and personalise one or more centres, because of course staff usually have several different roles to perform. Each Centre has direct access to many functions, for instance the Patient Centre provides access to a patient’s treatments, notes, appointments, payments, digital images, medical history, correspondence and so much more.  Of course not everyone uses all of these features so each Centre allows an individual to organise the options into several groups, ‘Favourites’, ‘Frequently Used’ and ‘Other’, so organising the workspace and removing clutter is easy.  Think of a desk with perhaps a pen, pencil and notepad on the desk top and then other items placed into desk drawers for tidiness and easy access.  Like a desk drawer each of the groups can be closed to further tidy the workspace.  EDGE Patient Centre  The Patient Centre with the   options organised, however the Frequently Used and Other sections are left open to show their options, they can be opened and closed quickly with a single click. Options can be moved by dragging from one group to another.  EDGE remembers your individual setup.  Practice Pathways Care Pathways are the dominant method for structuring and providing patient care in general healthcare today.  With Practice Pathways we have brought Care Pathways to dental healthcare. They are a simple yet elegant method of recording, collating and presenting patient information, then structuring a care plan, they lie at the heart of EDGE. Conceived during the design phase of Edge and then honed during our involvement in the NHS Dental Pilot programme.  The basic principal behind Practice Pathways is a comprehensive assessment and treatment facility that goes beyond mere data recording. They can be configured to produce comprehensive patient care plans, as well as offering suggestions and advice to both the clinician and the patient. Practice Pathways uses the information you have recorded to produce a patient RAG score (Red/Amber/Green) that can be used as an easy method of tracking a patient’s oral health over a period of time.  What is more, it is a concept that patients can readily understand and offers them an easily grasped personal target for improved oral health.  Patient advice and education to aid prevention rather than cure, is at the forefront of the design. Whether you operate a Private or NHS practice and simply want to improve care structure and efficiency or you operate an NHS practice and want to get ready for the reformed contracts that are currently being piloted, you really ought to be using Practice Pathways.  Practice Pathway Assessment Tools Practice Pathways provide structured access to a comprehensive range of assessment tools: Hard Tissue ChartingSoft Tissue ChartingHead and Neck AssessmentArticulation AssessmentPerio AssessmentMedical HistorySocial History These tools form the core of Practice Pathways and ultimately allow you to generate RAG scores. In use pathways are very flexible, you can choose to use some or all of the assessment tools, plus you can customise the charting setups and change the medical and social history questions to your requirements.Treatment Planning Treatment planning and charting is a critical element of any practice management system.  When a patient is in the chair you need a system that delivers everything required but doesn’t slow you down. The treatment planning in EDGE is highly configurable and extremely quick in use, but just as important is being intuitive to use and providing a very clear visual chart.  EDGE Patient Treatment Chart    Highly configurable, clear, logical and very quick. What more could you ask of a treatment planning and charting system?      The chart can be configured to show the relevant hard tissue chart as a faint overlay, the user can control how faintly the hard tissue chart is displayed.  Charting icons can be solid or translucent to show layers of treatment on a tooth.  Single surface treatments can simply be dropped onto the correct surface, others can be rotated to the correct orientation.  Proposed and completed treatments have different icons, typically an outlined and solid version of a shape, but any combination is possible.  Surface data is gathered automatically from icon shape and positioning. Treatment page layouts can be configured so the ideal treatment combinations are available at all times.  Easy access to related information such as the other pathway assessment results. In common with pathway assessments the charts carry forward as the starting point for the next assessment or treatment plan, further speeding the assessment and treatment process. Appointment Centre The appointment centre is made up of the appointment book and the patients in practice facility.  It provides a really attractive, highly functional appointment book, with all the features you would expect:  EDGE Appointment Centre   Colour codingClinician rotasDay templatesDay and week overviewComprehensive find gapDrag and drop appointment movementand much more....     The ‘Patient In Practice’ feature allows patients to be passed and tracked around the practice, providing all of the functions required to handle patients, whether in surgery, imaging room or reception.  A really good patient handling facility is often overlooked, but it is vital to practice efficiency. Correspondence Centre Patient retention is important to all dental practices and EDGE delivers in abundance.  It has an extremely versatile patient communications system that allows you to contact patients by letter, text message and email.  In the case of text messaging and email, it can issue recalls and reminders entirely automatically.  The user can setup sophisticated recall, reminder and debt wizards that make performing the same task again very easy.  Document wallets allow you to group documents together so that one click will personalise and print all of them.  A full correspondence history is saved. EDGE Correspondence CentreReport Centre EDGE Reporting CentreThe Report Centre is in a class of its own.  It provides a large collection of ready made reports and allows you to modify any of these or design new reports from scratch. The report designer is very powerful and once mastered can be used to analyse data in ways that would normally require expensive bespoke reports from the software supplier.  The reporter is organised into sections which group the data in a manner that makes designing reports much easier. As if all of that wasn’t enough, EDGE has what we refer to as community reports, these are report designs submitted by practices for sharing with other EDGE users.  This really could save a lot of time and effort, we expect it to become increasingly popular.  Financial Control EDGE Payment EntryEDGE has all the financial control facilities you could ever need, from quick payment processing and day end cashing up, through to a full accounting suite  complete with a full set of ledgers and everything in between. You decide how sophisticated you want the financial control to be.  If you don’t want a full accounting suite, you can hide it, EDGE will process all of the account postings for you and present you with a very simple payments system.  Of course you could make it simple on reception and provide the full accounting suite in the back office. Fully linked in with the Correspondence Centre’s debt control system and Report Centre financial reporting. <>


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