Customer Focused

Service Over Selling

1st March 2021

Looking out to the blue in the Bahamas sounds nice. Having an easy lunch after some morning scuba diving, and then maybe a visit to see the swimming pigs (look them up!), before a nice meal in the evening. Maybe the reason why we are not currently relaxing under the sun on the deck of a yacht, is the fact that we are not a company obsessed with money. It’s just not in our nature. I’m sure there are wealthy people around who would call us daft, but to us it’s simple; customers come first. Our thoughts are how we can help, not what money we can squeeze out of someone.


We don't have salesman who go through strict training courses and overbearing targets that encourages them, even if inadvertently, to say anything to 'get a sale’. We don't have support staff who are out to upsell anything whenever you speak to them. Maybe some people who are more cutthroat than us would see that as a failing, but we don’t. We operate a service over selling philosophy, and appreciate what we’ve got rather than always chasing more. It’s the same reason we don’t tie practices down to long term contracts, or insist they pay months on end up front. We are not backed by financiers who will want their investments to materialise as fast as possible or have onerous shareholders wanting their dividends or else. We are a close-knit company, whose staff often stay for a long time, creating a family feel amongst ourselves and our customers, and don’t spend thousands on advertising, grabbing as many customers as possible before selling out to a bigger fish.


Let's not be too sanctimonious about it, we've all got mortgages or rent to pay. Plus, the question of how big a lottery win would mean we didn't have to work any more is not an uncommon subject of conversation! However, we are determined to go through life being helpful. After all, Dentsys has been going for 30 years, and you don't maintain that if your aim is not to provide good service. Our customers get to know us by name and build a rapport, which is important to us. You'll see various companies say that they go 'above and beyond'. Is that not just setting a low bar for what their standard service would be? If a practice needs help, we always aim to provide the assistance they need. That's how life should be in general. If we see someone that needs help, then we help them. We've all been the person needing some advice or assistance, and been grateful when it is given. So, to apply that philosophy to our company is not even slightly a stretch, it's simply a natural progression.

There are occasions when a question is outside of our knowledge and we need to refer people to a more appropriate place, but even in a lot of those situations we can at least help a little bit. For instance, a practice may have an issue with their imaging system that is supplied by another company, but we may just happen to have come across the issue in the past and can point the practice in the right direction. The practice are happy as they’ve saved time and haven’t had to pay the chargeable call that they often would have been faced with from elsewhere.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, everyone has faced a myriad of challenges, practical and financial. We are no different and we know all practices have faced challenges also. We have been here throughout to offer assistance, quickly adapting to the work at home requirements. In light of the situation practices were facing, we gifted all practices 100 free sms credits per month for 12 months, along with giving everyone an extra, free licence to use for an entire year. A lot of practices took advantage of these gestures and we are glad to say that we’ve had some really appreciate feedback.

Overall, we just want to help all the practices we work with. Sure, we have to generate income, but we do it with a sense of putting dental teams first. After all, if people are happy with us, they stay with us out of choice, rather than being stuck due to contracts. After all, everyone likes to be liked.