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Better by Design

Dental Computer Software doesn’t need to be stressful. Ease of use and reliability are essential for dental software.





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Dental software doesn’t need to be confusing or stressful.





Have you ever wondered why the majority of computer software looks great in a demonstration, but in real life it is frequently complicated and difficult to use.  Well there are two main reasons:


  1. The most common cause is that the system was designed and developed by people who are very technical and have little or no contact with the intended users of the system.  This often leads to systems that may have all the desired features, however; accessing these features can be very frustrating, with no relationship to how the real world works.  These systems also often have badly labelled options leading to further confusion, this is usually compounded by appalling system messages that mean little or nothing to the user.  In a demo you aren't using the software so you don't notice this.
  2. The second cause of difficult systems, is that they are deliberately designed as a showcase.  In a demonstration they look impressive, the sales person can present on screen a bristling array of options and of course they are trained to plough through these like a true performer.  However, they aren’t actually doing the real job, just regurgitating the same routine they’ve practised over and over again.


A Better Approach


As we all know a pencil is a simple and elegant concept that has stood the test of time, it does precisely what you want, when you want.  It allows you to spend your time writing, not waste it trying to get the thing to work.


You may be wondering what a pencil and dental practice management software have in common, well they are both tools, pure and simple.  You can be forgiven for thinking dental software is more than a tool, but it isn’t.  Like all good tools it should serve its purpose well, ideally without being the focus of attention.  An ideal piece of software will do everything you require, whilst still remaining simple to look at and use, therefore like a pencil it should be an elegant solution, not some monstrous multi-tool equivalent.



Welcome to EDGE


Dentsys EDGE, Computerised Dental Practice Management Software SystemOccasionally a product comes along that is so simple to use, yet so incredibly powerful, you’re left dumbfounded.  Well that apparent simplicity is an incredibly difficult trick to pull off, but we’ve done it with EDGE.


EDGE breaks the mould and embraces modern software concepts to deliver a highly efficient 'Structured Workspace' that is quite unlike other system designs, a paradigm shift that brings many benefits.


EDGE is our latest Dental Practice Management System, it is designed to work anywhere from a single surgery practice through to the largest corporate organisation. It brings full business management to our customers and goes beyond a typical dental patient management system.


When designing EDGE we didn’t just take what we had and freshen its appearance.  We took out a clean sheet of paper and started again.  The reason for a clean start was to allow us to build a product with a much wider scope and bring many of the latest software innovations to our customers.


We have always built our systems from a user perspective, deliberately avoiding designs better suited to computer technicians or those solely intended to do well in a demonstration.  Our software is designed to be very effective, quick and simple to use, something that works so well you will take it for granted.


Of course you have heard similar claims before, therefore by far the best course of action is to take a look at EDGE and judge for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


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