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Our Current Anniversary Offer

The Dentsys Sensible Pricing Policy, essential for dental software.



The first 25 new and the first 25 existing customers wishing to convert to EDGE will only pay the following offer prices:


Up to and including a 5 user software only- £1000 including VAT and in practice training


6 User and above software only - £1500 including VAT and in practice training




Don’t miss out on these fantastic prices, it isn’t a gimmick, it is a genuine offer, call us on 0115 9781900 for more information or to book your free online webinar of EDGE. See for yourself what EDGE can do.



Terms and conditions


Training will take place in your practice on one single day, starting typically at 11:00am and running until 3:30pm, although travel distance may dictate that other times be arranged, again this is at our discretion, the practice will be informed in advance.


Remote advance installation of our software. The software supplied is our standard software release, no bespoke developments or features are included, we reserve the right to change our products as and when we see fit.


Basic data transfer or Paragon transfer for upgrades. We must have received the data for transfer no later than 9:00am on OUR previous working day before the training day, no exceptions, failure to do this will postpone installation.


The data to be installed either remotely the day before training or as the first task on the training day, dependant on size, this is entirely our decision, the practice will be informed in advance.


All equipment and network configuration to be in place and complete at the time we get the copy of the data for transfer. We do not install or configure any equipment at all, unless we have been specifically contracted to do so, in which case it will be detailed on the confirmation of order, no exceptions.


Imaging system interfaces or similar (where supported) will be configured in our software, but we will not install or configure any third party product or equipment.


For absolute clarity, all additional training time will be charged at our normal rates applicable at the time, however for most practices the above is sufficient.




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